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Panta rhei Drinks

Ready-to-Drink dietary supplements to improve your individual lifestyle: Panta rhei Drinks protect the immune system, help against stress, tiredness & exhaustion and increase your wellbeing.

Every drink contains special ingredients, a range of vitamins, minerals and trace elements – 25 ml of liquid care, energy and vitamins to go!

Why liquid dietary supplements?

The human body consists to 75% of water. On an everyday basis, there’s an amount of 2000 litres of liquid flowing through our organism.

Water serves as a dissolvent, transport medium, temperature regulator as well as a cleaning- and filtering instrument in our cells and organs.

In order to not stress the body’s own functions and to support the natural metabolic processes, we developed the liquid Panta rhei dietary supplement. We’ve made use of the liquid transport medium as a basic component in order to provide you with the second highest level of bioavailability.