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Immune system

Immune Drink

The immune system - consisting of glands, tissues, organs and vessels - has the wholistc task of fending off harmful organisms thus protecting and defending the body against intrusive infectious agents such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and foreign proteins.

But unfortunately this body defense is not always successfull. Allergies, unbalanced diet, infections or even stress, excessive physical stress and hormone fluctuations lead to an immunodeficiency. 


Support and build your immune system with the Panta rhei Immune Drink

Support your immune system in acute cases or preventively with the Panta rhei Immune Drink. Depending on how weakened your immune system is, it has an increased need for essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements, which are of crucial importance for the functional integrity of the immune system.

We recommend the daily intake of the Panta rhei Immune Drink over a period of at least two weeks. If your immune system is generally weakened, the daily intake is necessary for at least four weeks in order to strengthen the immune system consistently. The Panta rhei Immune Drink offers a balanced micronutrient combination with special ingredients that contribute to a normal immune function and protect against oxidative stress.

The high-quality micronutrients and special vital substances are absorbed into the blood stream in order to develop their regenerative effects from the inside of your body.