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Healthy through the season of colds

Autumn and winter - season of colds … Myth or truth?

Panta rhei: Gesund durch die Erkältungszeit

It’s the same every year - summer is over, you just enjoyed the last warm days and at some point your nose starts to run, your throat tickles and somehow you don’t feel well. But can a season really be the reason for catching a cold? According to statistics, colds occur most frequently in the cold season, but a connection with the cooler temperatures is not assumed.

How do you get a cold?

Panta rhei: Hilft dem Körper bei Erkältungen

From a medical point of view a cold is a viral infection because it is caused by viruses and not by bacteria. Viruses have easier access to the body through a
weakened immune system, and in case of nasty weather,
the pathogens feel most comfortable and multiply.

Viruses spread through droplet infection. When someone close by
is coughing or has pathogens on his hands, viruses can enter your body via the mucous membranes.
Air conditioning, dry room air or crowds of people then favour the spread of the viruses and you get the feeling that you could get infected virtually everywhere.


For the increasing number of infections in the colder months there are the following theories:

  • In cooler temperatures, the blood vessels contract, resulting in a lower blood flow. The transport of cells responsible for the defense against viruses is slowed down, thus the protection against harmful pathogens is reduced.
  • Viruses spread via droplet infection. The risk of developing a cold respectively rises in closed rooms with many people. Dry mucous membranes resulting from heated rooms increase the susceptibility to viruses.

  • If we shiver or feel cold, the body detects this as stress and the immune system is weakened by stress.

The conclusion is that sinking temperatures are not responsible for the onset of a cold, but rather the combination of different factors such as contraction of blood vessels, droplet infection and stress. And if the immune system is already weakened, the risk of getting a cold rises.

If the immune system is stable, the body can usually manage a cold. But if you got a really bad case of cold, you should not take it lightly. A protracted infection can lead to far worse diseases, such as heart muscle inflammation.

How can you avoid getting a cold?

Nobody wants to get sick or has time for it ... you wanted to do so many things after work and on the weekend and then when you come back to work, there’s a pile of uncompleted stuff. But is it possible to prevent contagion?
Since sinking temperatures are not responsible for a cold, but rather a combination of the factors described above, warm clothing alone won’t help ... but it can’t hurt of course. According to a hypothesis, a cold is favoured by contracting blood vessels, so if one keeps the body warm, whether outside or in the house, one reduces the risk of catching a cold. However - it’s a fact that a healthy immune system is the best protection against colds.

... or is there perhaps a proven home remedy or a miracle from grandma's times?

Unfortunately it’s not that easy, but there are many ways to build and activate the body's immune system.

  1. Healthy diet as a basis

    Panta rhei und gesunde Ernährung stärken die Abwehrkräfte
     Vitamins and micro nutrients add to a healthy
     immune system.
    The adequate amount of vitamins
     and trace elements can be ingested thourgh a balanced
     and varied diet.

     Whose menu mainly constists of fastfood and sweets
     is holding bad cards. But the famous "Superfood",
     a combination of different seeds and Co., is also
     not necessary.

    According to the known nutritional pyramid, the daily menu should mainly consist of fruits and vegetables and a diet rich in fiber. Particularly citrus fruits, with their high percentage of vitamin C, and nuts have a positive effect on the immune system. If there is no time for a vitamin-rich diet, the Panta rhei Immunedrink can prevent a possible vitamin deficiency.

  2. Exercise is good for you

    Starke Abwehrkräfte mit Panta rhei und Bewegung an der frischen Luft
     Sport keeps body and mind fit - in order to support
     the immune system, endurance sports in the open air is best
    No matter if you decide for running, hiking or cycling
     your body and you will profit from sufficient exercise
     … but don’t overdo it!

     Choose the kind of sport that gives you the most comfortable feeling.
     Begin with that kind of sport, but also talk to your physician
     about your plans and whether all sorts of sport are suitable for

  3. Keep calm …

    Stress vermeiden und Panta rhei Immun Drink für ein starkes Immunsystem
     … in some situations, it is not always that easy
     to keep cool. But according to studies it’s most healthy
     to avoid stress in the first place, which also applies in regards to the cold.

     If the body is subject to constant stress, or even chronic stress, states
     of exhaustion can occur which provide ideal conditions for
     viruses entering the body and spreading out.

  4. Drink, drink, drink

    Der Körper benötigt ausreichend Flüssigkeit - wie gut, dass Panta rhei flüssig ist. 
     Our body mostly consists of water. If we drink too
     little water, we get tired quickly and feel
     But not all liquids are alike. Thus it’s best to keep up the
     body’s liquid reservoir with water, tea or
     unsweetened fruit juices. According to a hypothesis, colds
     favoured by dry mucous membranes that can’t properly remove
     viruses and bacteria anymore.

  5. Beauty sleep

    Viel Schlaf und Panta rhei Immun Drink tun dem Körper gut 

     Not only are you looking more freshly and
     healthy after a good night of sleep – the body is also more powerful.

     According to studies, seven to eight hours of sleep are ideal to
     support the immune system and reduce the risk
     of infection.

  6. Smoking

    It’s well known that smoking is bad for your health. If you have a cold, the smoke dries your mucous membranes even more and weakens your immune system. In addition, the tobacco favours inflammatory processes and adversely affects the purification system of the respiratory tract. ... Another reason to quit smoking, right?

  7. Desinfection

    Desinfektion gegen Tröpfcheninfektion und Panta rhei für starke Abwehrkräfte
     One can hardly believe with how many viruses and bacteria the body
     comes into contact on a daily basis. Cold vira can be transmitted by
     handshaking, but also when you come in contact
     with door handles or objects that have been "contaminated"
     „by an infected person. Because the cold spreads through droplet infection,
     it is sufficient if an object has been sneezed on or
     is even close to a sneezing person. Thorough hand-washing is
     the measure of all things to avoid an unaware transport of germs
     üfrom your hands via the mucous membranes into your body.

  8. Wellness …

    Mit Wellness Herz und Kreislauf stärken, Panta rhei Immun Drink hilft zusätzlich  … not only is it good for body and soul, but also a
     successful measure to build up and strengthen
     your immune system. Regular warm and cold showers or visiting a Sauna
     stimulate the blood circulation, strengthen the heart
     and body circulation and thus reduce the risk
     of getting a cold.

 Taking all these tips into consideration, the
 risk of infection can be minimized but not eliminated
In the end, not all people are able to constantly pay attention,
 as they are exposed to daily stress, work in open-plan offices
 or have a weak immune system in general.

Mit Panta rhei Immun Drink gesund durch die Erkältungszeit

We keep our fingers crossed that you won’t catch a cold this autumn and winter. If it happens anyways, give yourself a few days of rest. Then you won’t infect others and hopefully get well again soon.


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